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In the photograph above taken July 1998 at Tim's wedding, I'm in the wheelchair, Jean is directly behind me wearing a white hat.

Please feel free to use any information from these pages on the proviso that it is not sold or given to any organisation that might do so.


Updates 2August 2005.  Again the delay in updates has been due to my admission to hospital for a considerable number of weeks. Hopefully I can now update without further problems.  My thanks to the Cardiac Unit, the Renal Unit of Milton Keynes General and The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford for keeping me "going".

Updates 24 September: Mostly for the Adamson Family. My thanks to my cousin John Backhouse and his wife Helen  who visited us from Canada. Jean says "Why did she lose so much sleep wondering whether we would all get on, meeting for the first time?" It felt as though we had known  you for ever. A fantastic visit and one we will ever remember with fondness.

Updates 19 September. What did we do before computers and the Internet? My thanks to Brida Ann & Barry Lock  (my cousin) who by chance came upon these web pages. I haven't seen them in God knows how many years but thanks to the Internet we are now back in contact. My thanks to you both and Jean & I are so looking forward to meeting up and "catching up".

Updates 14 September is for Herbert Daniel Backhouse and his family by his first wife Lydia (at last)

29th August 2004. We moved to Local Authority Sheltered Housing in May this year (address below) and I must admit to being somewhat lazy since.  I am endeavouring to update these pages but I am having difficulty transferring data from this old computer to the new one and then logging on to the FTP site of Freeserve (Wanadoo).  We have such limited space and I have had to keep getting this old computer from a storage cupboard.  Hopefully I will be able to work it out eventually. The problem is I keep forgetting how to do things some 10 minutes after I have started something.  The Medics tell me it is part of my complaint.
Since the last update I have been in contact with my cousin in Canada (Kenneth John Backhouse) and he and his wife Helen (nee Boyce) are visiting us in September

1st August 2003 - 5th February 2004

My apologies for not updating until now. Unfortunately this was due to illness and various problems which hopefully have been resolved although the Medics will still not do the two operations I so desperately need saying "It would be too dangerous".  To those of you who have sent good wishes, information etc. my grateful thanks.

I am in  the process of updating these pages to include information from 1901 Census. If you find any  Hyperlinks that are not working I would be grateful if you could let me know.  All information regarding the 1901 Census is the Copyright of The Public Record Office and QinetiQ.

You will note that my email address below contains the words "NOSPAM".  This is to confuse the auto trawl programs that send spam.  If you wish to get in contact via email delete the nospam from the email address.

My thanks to Deborah Batchen for the information on Fredrick Backhouse (b.1862) and his family including McTaggart, Spinks and Trampleasure.  Deborah tells me that if anyone wishes any further information her email address is: Batchen@nospammcdaidweb.com. To send an email, again delete the "NOSPAM" from the email address as in the previous paragraph.

I am indebted to Katie Backhouse (Catherine Jane) who tracked me down from a message I put on the Backhouse Board some three years ago.  It has been through her information that I have been able to fill in many gaps in the family, particularly those of the family and descendants of Thomas (b. 1859).

I am also further indebted to Eric & Sylvia Garrett  who also contacted me in December 2002 after reading these pages and  forwarding so much information on their family history particularly relating to the "Garrett's and Har(r)old's of Woolwich",  to Pat and Steve Aubrey for information relating to the Aubrey and Snook families  and to Steve Oxbrow for his contribution to the Oxbrow family.
On these families I am  currently working on.  My thanks also go to Lesley Haigh for the information on the Wilson side of Jean's family without her help I would have been well and truly "stumped" particularly following my memory loss since my admission to hospital in March 2003. Thanks also to George Kelvie for his additional information on the families of Robert & Charlotte Kelvie. George tells me that "Family Lore also has it that our name was originally McKelvie,and from the isle of Arran. There are still many McKelvies on the island, and many are buried in the main cemetery in Lamlash" Should anyone wish to contact George in their search for KELVIE please email me direct (address at bottom of this page) and I will pass on your messages

Since the original pages there have been only a few alterations to my immediate family.   Two additional Grandchildren, Molly Jane & Maddison Betsy have been added to the family and tragically the death of my daughter Susan who died suddenly on 23 October 2000.  For a more pictorial view of our family may I recommend my wife's web pages at: www.geocities.com/jean_backhouse and www.geocities.com/brian_backhouse    She has worked exceptionally hard on these pages and I am proud of her. 

The update on 19 July 2001 included downloaded GEDCOM information for Boyce from Family Search Ancestral Files, www.familysearch.org   I have not been able to verify any of this information. 

My wife Jean & I decided to research our ancestral trees when our children asked about their Great Grandparents.
It is an exciting and informative experience, particularly learning how our ancestors lived. We have a long way to go and we hope that you will enjoy our experiences with us. As in many families Jean & I have our "Family Skeletons in the Closet". We thought about leaving the personal family notes out of these pages but decided it was to be a page of "Warts and all".  It should make interesting reading particularly as several members of my maternal family were born "over the brush" and not necessarily with the same father.

We also decided at the beginning to include every branch of the trees.  At that time I don't think we realised the enormity of the task before us.  Personally, it has given me a new lease of life.  However, as a "creaking gate" I think I shall never see the complete end to the project.

Our thanks must go to the many friends and relatives who are helping us.. To Art & Debbie Rowe in Missouri, USA for their encouragement. To Allan Yeo whose expert skill in repairing the original computer prevented us from "Being up the Creek without a paddle". Above all my personal thanks to Jean whose care and devotion makes my life so much easier.

I am indebted to David Humphry for the BOER WAR information he forwarded re my granduncle Charles H. Reid - see the entry in full on M-T.   Also, our  thanks must also go to Peter J. Read for his invaluable contribution to the Briggs part of our family prior to 1831.  It is so nice that people give information that they have spent a great deal of time gathering, freely and without any thought of reward.  So much different to certain organisations I could mention (other than the Church of Latter Day Saints), that ask for information to be contributed and then charge to distribute it.

Our grateful thanks to Robin Spon-Smith without whom the events of 24rh March 1972 would never have happened and our family history would have been so much different.

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